Item Nitric Acid ( HNO3 )
Molecular Weight 63.01
Composition H 1.60 %NO3 98.40%
Date of Supply 21.12.2007
Specification of Product -
HNO3 Content, wt.% min 68 – 70 %
Minimum freezing point 5.3 OC
Identity By IR Spectrum
Appearance Clear white fuming Nitric Acid Note : It Is Decomposed By Lightor elevated temp., becoming red in colour from nitrogen dioxide
Carbonisable substances Passes the test
Colour, max 10 HU
Non volatile matter 0.001%
Chloride content, ppm, max 0.1 ppm
Organic impurities Passes test
Sulphur total as Sulphates, ppm, max 0.5 ppm
Phase Liquid

Hazard : Toxic by inhalation , corrosive to skin and mucous membranes .

strong oxidizing agent , may explode in contact with strong reducing agents.


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