Item Methanol
Date of Supply 24.07.2008
MeOH Content, wt.% min 99.91
Specific Gravity 0.792 TO 0.795
Distillation range At 760 mm hg. oc 64.5 to 65.5
Water content, wt. % max 0.01
Appearance CLEAR
Carbonisable substances Passes the Test
Colour, max 15 Hazen
Acidity (As acetic ammonia), ppm, max 30 (As for mic Acid)
Alkalinity (As Ammonia), ppm, max Passes phenolpthale in Test bs: 506
Residue on Evaporation, ppm, max 10
Aldehydes and Ketones as Acetone, wt. % max 0.015
Acetone, wt, % max Passes the astm Test
Organic Impurities Passes test
Permanganate time, min As per bs: 506, 50
Phase Liquid


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