There are a number of problems that occur frequently while cleaning the tanks. The following table summarizes these frequently encountered problems and the simplest approaches to solve them. RX Marine usually has a specific product for each of these commonly encountered issues. These are also listed here for easy reference.

Common Cleaning Problems and their Solutions


Problems Solutions RXSOL Products
Cargo tank cleaning after mineral oils Solvent emulsion and / or water based cleaners RXSOL Tankclean plus, Chem break, Seaclean, Tankclean.
Cargo tank cleaning after drying, semi-drying and non- drying natural oils and fats Saponifying and detergents Alkalene Liquid, Alkalene Safety Liquid, Rxtuff.
Cargo Tank Cleaning after petrochemical and light hydrocarbons. Detergents Alkleen Safety Liquid, Rxtufl.
Cargo tank cleaning after general chemical cargoes Contact us for Tank Cleaning manual Product Choice depends on type of Cargo.
Fuel and lube oil tank cleaning Heavy Duty tank Cleaners for Rock & Rollcleaning method Tankclean plus, seaclean, Tankclean.
Hydrocarbon gas-freeing Following normal or specific cleaning, was with water based cleaner solution Enviroclean, RXSOL-20-2004, Alk 2004
Cargo hold Cleaning Wash with water based cleaner solution a foam additive RX TUFF
Cargo tank / hold sanitising and deodorising Wash with water based cleaner solution Alkaleen liquid, Alkaleen Safety liquid Enviroclean.
Oil spills on sea in harbours,beaches and rockyshores. Low toxidty, biodegradable oil spill dispersants Seacare OSD, Seacare Ecosperse.
Removal of small oil spil on board Detergents, dispersants and emulsifiers seacareOSD, Chembreak,Coldwash HD.
Cleaning and upgrading of coatings Special Purpose Polymer Mud & Silt Remover
Removal of sediments, silt and mud Special purpose Polymer Mud & Silt Remover
Cleaning electrical apparatus Special Purpose volatile solvent ElectrosolQD
Degreasing marine engine cooling water systems Heavy Duty solution of solvent emulation cleaners Tankclean Plus
Removal of grease and carbon based deposits from turbo chargers. Special Purpose Solvent ACCNT, Air cooler Cleaner Carbonclean LT, carbon Remover.
Removal of grease and carbon based deposited from the air side of air coolers and other heat Special Purpose Solvent ACCNT, Air cooler Cleaner Carbonclean LT, carbon Remover.
Cleaning the oil side of the lube and fuel OH heat exchangers Solvent emulation cleaners or fuel oil treatment compound Seaclean, Tankclean plus, Fuel care, Corbon Remover.
Removal of water scale from Boilers Inhibited acid cleaners Descalex, Descaling Liquid.
Cleaning of Separator disc stacks Clean with a solution of inorganic inhibited acid Descaling.
General removal of carbonaceous oil, varnish and grease residues Special Purpose Solvents ACCLT, Air Cooler Cleaners, Carbonclean,LT, Carbon Remover.
Removal and passivation ol rust and Oxidation from ferrous and non-ferrous metals Special purpose inhibited acid Cleaners Metal Brite, Metal Brite HD.
Cleaning of new Boilers and cooling systems Specials Purpose water based cleaners Commissioning. Cleaner
Cleaning machinery Parts Ultrasonic Bath Aquabreak RX, Enviroclean
Brightening up wooden decks Special purpose powder based product Teak renewer
General shipboard Cleaning General purpose water based cleaners Aqubreak RX, HPWash,Enviroclean, Uniwash.
General accommodation cleaner Special Purpose Detergents Uniwash, Fore & Aft, Enviroclean, Aquabreak RX.
Cleaning of reefer room water based cleaner and disinfectant Reefer Cleaner
Cleaning sinks, Toilets, Showers and sewage system from grease, fat, starch, sewage and other organic compounds Special purpose biochemicals Gamazyme BTC. Gamazyrne MSC, Gamazyme DPC. Gamazyrne 700 FN,
Desccaling of toilet bowls, Toilet systems, drain and pipes Special acid and baceteriabased powder product Gamazyme Toilet descaier
Removal of odour from garbage and waste Collection areas Special Purpose bacterial formulatio Gamazyme BOE
Cleaning of pulper and drain Special synergetic blend of highly Specialised bacteria, Gamazyme Digestor